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Orlando Downs Tridents 38-14

February 9th, 2013

This weekend Orlando hosted the Miami Tridents in the first round of the cross-over matches with the south division.   The match was played at Thunder Field, just like the old days of Orlando Rugby.   Many Old Boys were in attendance, and true to form, they regaled us with stories of their former greatness.   Back when they played barefoot in the snow and matches were a dual to the death.  The Tridents traveled well to Orlando and came out aggressive from the start.   They were able to score the first try and dig Orlando into a hole.  ORFC stepped up and scored two quick tries to take the lead 12-7.  The momentum shifted when Bart “The Hulk” Longchamp landed a monster hit on the opposing center.  From this point forward, Orlando controlled the match.  Rucks looked good, counter-attacks were impressive, and all in all, ORFC played a solid all-around match.    Credit goes out to head coach Raoul Besse, for focusing on specific defensive-related drills in training.  The Old Boys were ever so slightly impressed, however, most would have gladly hopped onto the pitch to show us how it’s done…some even tried.  Tries were scored on the afternoon by Preacher Blake, Solomon Wyant, Mason Whittle,  Blake Lockhart (2), and even one unnamed Miami player who was kind enough to give us a penalty try.  Man of the Match goes out to Bart Longchamp for a dominant performance in his first game back with the club.  Recognition goes to Blake Lockhart for playing a near flawless game in his first match with the club.  Final Score:  Orlando 38, Miami Tridents 14.

A special “Thank You” goes out to Andy Heller for his $300 contribution towards a medical kit for the team.  In addition, the following Old Boys stepped up last week to support the club and buy a new set of jerseys: Mike Hanson, Dave Berube, Tim Ackert, Andy Heller, Mike Brockman, and also Mears transportation.  We do have some injuries to report and wish these players a speedy recovery:  Dallon Galleai (knee), Dewey Lamont (back), and Blake Herrington (concussion).  For the record, Blake does know who he is now and is aware that there was some sort of game on Saturday.  He’s making strides as this is more than he knew prior to the concussion.  This week, 2/16, Orlando travels to Ft. Lauderdale for round 2 of the cross-overs.   Thank you Old Boys for all of your support this season.   We look forward to seeing you at more matches.

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