Mike Leonard

November 30th, 2011
Mike Leonard
In 1972 during a sandlot game of tackle football, Mike Leonard noticed a motley group of individuals nearby engaging in another sport. Ever eager to try a new sport, Leonard joined the group and began attending regular practices. From this inconspicuous beginning, Leonard would go on to become one of Florida’s most respected loose forwards being selected for the Florida and South Select XV sides. However Leonard, never one for personal accolades, saw further select side play as taking time from his family and matches with his club which he found more enjoyable.

Besides his play, Mike’s accomplishments for his club include bringing the ERU’s championship to Orlando and helping organize and excursion to the United Kingdom. He considers his “greatest accomplishment” that of hiding the clothes of “elephant walk” members during their parade. His fondest memory is that of witnessing his first “flaming asshole.” After his family and business, Mike loved the sport of rugby and the characters he met while pursuing the game.

Mike Leonard represents the ideal, non-professional rugby player. He exudes passion for the game as well as presenting the model example of one who participates in a gentleman’s sport. For his unassuming efforts to his club, Mike Leonard takes his place in the Hall of Fame.

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