Orlando vs Gainesville and Ginnie Springs

September 10th, 2014

September 13th will be the first friendly of the 2014-2015 Men’s season for Orlando Rugby. The Griffens will travel to the Gainesville Hogs and have a 12:30 kickoff at Squirrel Ridge Park. The team will meet at 8:30 am to carpool to the match, leaving from the Dr. Phillips LA Fitness. All players who plan on playing in this weekends match should be CIPP’d on usarugby.org and have signed the USA Waiver of Eligibility. After the match Orlando will join the home team for beers while getting prepared for the overnight camping trip at Ginnie Springs. Please bring all necessary equipment, mouthguard, rugby boots, tape, white rugby shorts, and all camping gear. The price for Ginnie Springs admission is $21 per person and to rent a tube the cost is $6. You will need these funds to enter the park and stay the night. All players are invited to join in on the fun and good luck to the Men at the match. 2..3.. Orlando!!!

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Orlando Rugby Season Kickoff Party!

September 2nd, 2014

Tonight, Septemeber 2, all returning and prospective players will meet at Whiskey Dick’s downtown from 7pm – 9pm. This meeting will be the kickoff event for the 2014-2015 season. It will allow all players to fill out any necessary forms and pay any current dues outstanding to the club (player dues $225). It will also allow for players to sign up on USARUGBY.ORG and fill out the online profile required for CIPP Registration. Please bring either cash or check for your player dues (or a plan to pay in installments) as well as your “A” Drinking Game. See you all there!

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CIPP is open!! Get er’ Done!!

August 21st, 2014

Its that time of the year again, CIPP Registration is now open to all current and prospective club members. Just click here, usarugby, to start the process. This needs to be done before you can ever step on the field for ORFC. Our first match is on September 13th at Gainesville where the team will also camp over night at the Springs. Practice is currently underway at Blue Jacket Park and the start of the season bash will be held on Septemeber 2nd, 7pm at Whiskey Dick’s. All players should attend this function and be prepared to bring Team Dues.

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First Excom Meeting of 2014-15 Season!

August 11th, 2014

The start of the 2014-15 season is upon us and August, 11, 2014 marks the first session for the newly appointed Excom. The location and time will be Whiskey Dicks downtown at 7pm. All interested parties may join, see you there.

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Lady Griffins 2014-2015 Season is Almost Here

August 8th, 2014
After Placing 2nd last year in FL the Lady Griffins will be having voluntary practice this month of August at Blue Jacket Park with the Men’s Team starting at 7pm EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
There will be an all team meeting at Coach Raoul’s house on 8/28/14 to discuss the upcoming season. If you are a new player and interested in playing for the Orlando Lady Griffens, please contact Amanda Colton.

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