Game by Game Analysis, October 18 @ UNF

October 22nd, 2014

Third match report. Overall Season record 2 Wins, 0 Losses, 1 Tie.

October 4th-St. Pete @ Orlando, Score Orlando Wins 43-31

Orlando Starting XV- Cartaya, Lamont, Cardamone, McGann, Keyzer, Villagra, Wyant, Keady, Jacovetti, Nelson, Hesler, Seymor, Johnson, Tator, Browning.

Saturday in Jacksonville was a wild one.

ORFC managed to pound out a 43-31 win over a talented and tough UNF squad. UNF came out hitting right from the opening kick off and were leading at half time. Trys by Daniel McGann, Eric Jacovetti and Greg Hesler along with timely kicking from Sam Nelson kept it close at halftime. The boys settled down in the second half controlling much of the territorial advantage while keeping the pressure on.

Trys by Tony Cardomone, Chase Alley (ZULU Warrior) and two by Grant Seymour sealed the win going away.
Jeremiah Murphy made a successful transition from the youth program entering the game in the second half and quickly made his presence felt.

Pat Keady made his first start, in an Orlando uniform, at the number 8 spot.
Congratulations to you both.

I know we will be seeing a lot more of these two.

dsmcgann Men

Game by Game Analysis, October 4 vs St. Pete

October 7th, 2014

Second match report. Overall Season record 1 Win, 0 Losses,  1 Tie.

October 4th-St. Pete @ Orlando, Score Orlando Wins 57-14

Orlando Starting XV- Cartaya, Alley, Soto, McGann, Ruiz, Villagra, Shope, Dougherty , Hamilton, Nelson, McCormick, Seymor, Johnson, Browning, Hesler.

Saturday was a great day for rugby.
The Pelicans were in town and they were greeted by a spirited Griffin squad. Weeks of training in the rain, running all over town and beating on one another culminated in a rather onesided Griffins win on Saturday.
Everybody who booted up had a hand in the victory.
Led by some excellent open field play the boys took an early lead and never looked back.  The Pelicans were unable to maintain any sustained pressure due to very good tackling and constant pressure on defense.
Man of the match went to Sam Nelson. From the 10 spot Sam was able to initiate a steady attack and demonstrated his very strong leg all day. Both Sam and Dylan used their feet very effectively, changing the field repeatedly and keeping the pressure on the Pelicans.
Congratulations to Chase Alley on his first start for the Orlando Griffins.
There were too many tries to put down here for Orlando but overall the team came to play as a team and it showed in the boxscore.
Well done lads.

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Game by Game Analysis, September 13 @ Gainesville

September 21st, 2014

First match report. Overall Season record 0 Wins, 0 Losses,  1 Tie.

Septemeber 18th-Orlando @ Gainesville, Score 22-22

Orlando Starting XV- Cartaya, Lamont, Cardamone, McGann, Keyzer, Villagra, Dougherty, Kinsley, Jacovetti, Lumbra, Seymor, Hesler, Johnson, Kropp, Browning.

Off to a solid start.
ORFC travelled 24 strong to take on a rather spirited Hogs squad.  For the most part ORFC controlled territorial advantage and time of position but a few lapses in the defense gave the Hogs a couple of hard fought scores.
Kyle McCormick offered a early breath of fresh air coming off the bench, for an early injury, and with a strong run thru the forwards he was able to set Will free for a major score. Well done Kyle and Will. Lumbra and Grant had the backs running both with the foot and in hand.
With trys from Grant Seymour, two from Will Doherty, along with one conversions and 1 penalty kick from Sam Nelson and a conversion from Gunner Johnson the Griffins beat a tie out of the Gainesville Hogs on their home pitch.
Chase Alley, Kyle McCormick, Terry Keiser and Gunner Johnson all saw their first action in a Griffins uniform. Congratulations fellas. If yesterday was any indication all of you will be wearing the colors for years to come.
At the end of the day a pretty good showing for out first match of the fall. The result was pretty much as expected as everybody shook of the rust and endured the relentless heat and humidity
Thanks to JD Flynn and Mark “Frenchie” Ourtaau” and the young ladies who made the trip to support the lads.

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Septemeber 11th Practice at Blue Jacket Park

September 10th, 2014

Training on Thursday 09-11-2014 will be at Blue Jacket Park starting at 630pm.

We will be doing a walk-thru in preparation for Saturday (kick offs, lineouts, penalties, etc.).
Please try and be on time as we have a lot to cover before 8pm.

At 8pm we will retire to Whiskey Dicks for team selection and some wings.
Anyone traveling this weekend should be CIPP’d by then and have met with Murph regarding dues.

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Orlando vs Gainesville and Ginnie Springs

September 10th, 2014

September 13th will be the first friendly of the 2014-2015 Men’s season for Orlando Rugby. The Griffens will travel to the Gainesville Hogs and have a 12:30 kickoff at Squirrel Ridge Park. The team will meet at 8:30 am to carpool to the match, leaving from the Dr. Phillips LA Fitness. All players who plan on playing in this weekends match should be CIPP’d on and have signed the USA Waiver of Eligibility. After the match Orlando will join the home team for beers while getting prepared for the overnight camping trip at Ginnie Springs. Please bring all necessary equipment, mouthguard, rugby boots, tape, white rugby shorts, and all camping gear. The price for Ginnie Springs admission is $21 per person and to rent a tube the cost is $6. You will need these funds to enter the park and stay the night. All players are invited to join in on the fun and good luck to the Men at the match. 2..3.. Orlando!!!

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